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Direction, Leadership Positions, and Acknowledgments

  • Director of:

    •  Rhapsody for Hope

    • Like Rain

    • Oak Bones

    • Does the Owl Fly

  • Art Direction / Development for Thornbird 

  • Proposed & directed Ephemeral Film Festival 

  • Audio - Visual Manager of the Pulse Media Hub

  • Co-President of the MC Film Society

  • Creating the Artist - Talent alliance 

  • 2 Successful Fundraising Campaigns

  • Media Assistant to the Dean  of SOH

  • Counselor  - MC Young Filmmaker's Workshop

  • Tutor & Equipment Manager for Comm Dept

  • Featured as an artist and/or filmmaker in:

    • The Swinging Bridge​ Magazine

    • The Pulse

    • The Glens Falls Chronicle

    • The Sun Community News

Best Picture 2017
Best Cinematography 2017
Best Fantasy Short 2017
Best Visual Effects  2017
Best Narrative Short 2017
Best Direction 2015
People's Choice 2015
ESA Scholarship Winner 2012

"Does the Owl Fly?"


Plot & Mission

Set in the midst of German occupied France, a female agent with a wooden leg is confronted with a formidable German woman who could be the end of her life and mission. 

World War II (and many others) is riddled with a rich history of incredible, brave women and people of color. Does the Owl Fly is the beginning of a series of historical fiction and biographical pieces highlighting these under-acclaimed heroes.

Currently in production.

Email me if you'd like to help!

This story features REAL WOMEN from World War II, but for the sake of the plot I cannot tell you which. I hope you enjoy the film and it's reveal!

Challenges & Responsibilities 


This project was shot with a minuscule crew of four people, including the two actresses! We filmed it on the beautiful but freezing Spook Hill Farms with a Black Magic and Phantom drone. Pickups are scheduled in Mechanicsburg, PA and our goal is to complete the project in time to submit to the Adirondack Film Festival. 

ARROW 1.00_00_40_24.Still001_edited
Determined elena_1

"Oak Bones"


  • Facebook
  • Kickstarter
  • Vimeo
Official Selection
  • Creation International FF (Summer Series)

  • Baretower Forge World Film Competition

  • CineManiacs Short Online FF

  • Frostbite International Online FF

  • Miami International FF (April)

  • Splice FF

  • Hollywood Dreamz International 

  • 10th Annual Angaelica (Columbian Gorge) International FF

  • Los Angeles Cinefest

  • 10th Annual Ballston Spa FF

  • Harrisburg - Hershey FF

  • 20th Annual FirstGlance FF - Philadelphia

  • 10th Annual Chesapeake FF

  • Southern City FF

  • Adirondack Film Festival

  • Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival

A woman, carved from wood by a master craftsman, is brought to life and falls in love with the imperfect world outside her window.


Creation Int'l FF (Summer)

Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Short

Baretower Forge WFC

Best Picture

2nd Jury Prize

2nd Best Acting Ensemble

Frostbite IOFF

Best Cinematography

Cinemaniacs OFF

Honorable Mention - Best Picture

Hollywood Dreams Int'l FF

Best Visual Effects

Angaelica Film Fest

Best Fantasy Short

10th Chesapeake Film Fest

Best Narrative Short

Best Actress

Blackbird Film Festival

Best Cinematography

Challenges & Responsibilities 


The entire film had to be conceptualized and pre-produced in two weeks, after the original project was cancelled due to a death in my immediate family. I based the screenplay off the cancelled project and, as a result, I was able to keep the three leading actors that I'd cast and provided them with minor changes to their role. We only had three weekends to film on location, and a budget of only $4,000 that was crowdfunded during filming. In addition to these rapid production challenges, we had to film on location in sub-zero temperatures, juggle a full course-load of classes, and maintain our job performances at our respective employments. 

Oak bones cover
Film M&T Ambience and final sound effects.00_05_07_14.Still028
Film M&T Ambience and final sound effects.00_07_24_19.Still035

"Like Rain"

2015 - 2017

  • Facebook
  • Fundraiser
  • Vimeo
Challenges & Responsibilities 


This project was a massive learning experience for the cast and crew. It was both mine and Kayla's first time directing a film, as well as the first time for the majority of our cast and crew in their roles. We had to work with extremely tight schedules, as our leading actor and supporting lead were both starring in a play during the course of filming. It was a special challenge for me, as I was also acting in the film. Additionally, we were tasked with honestly representing the core of our message and the heart of the stories from which the plot was adapted.

Plot & Mission

Iris - a budding musician and student - loses herself in the wake of her emotionally and sexually abusive relationship with her bipolar boyfriend, Tom. Her main support comes from her best friend Ann, and Ann's new girlfriend Erica. 

With this project, we're hoping to lend understanding to those who've experienced similar trauma, and perspective to those who have not. 

Status & Awards

World premiere status for this film is pending!

A short, rough draft of the film played at Splice in 2015: 


Best Direction

People's Choice

for final Scene 8 Full.00_01_22_03.Still001
New Take.00_02_27_11.Still002_edited
Whole Film Assembly.00_17_39_13.Still017_edited
for final Scene Montage 2.00_03_09_22.Still001_edited
for final Scene 8 Full.00_01_26_16.Still002_edited

"Rhapsody for Hope"

2015 - 2017

Challenges & Responsibilities 


This project was a fun experiment in camera work, editing, art direction, and symbolism. It was shot entirely on my Canon Rebel T2i, 90% handheld and the rest shot with tripods or props (rocks, trees, a friend's head, etc). It is intended to be published publicly online without a festival run or large premiere. This one was all about learning, beauty, freezing our toes off in the snow, and fun!


A surrealistic world in which a girl grows hope in a garden in the form of glowing orbs similar to fireflies. She collects them in bottles and distributes them to those who are hungry, homeless, heartbroken, etc.

Along her way, she encounters Death and Misfortune, the latter of whom does not like the idea of someone bringing light into the world and goes after the garden.








Orbs of light.

The quilt. 

Woman in ​Evergreens

The River

The lantern

Thorns & The woman in black

dark garden
DEATH AND END.00_04_18_18.Still005
Full Film.00_05_49_04.Still002
Full Film.00_03_48_50.Still008
Full Film.00_02_54_32.Still005
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